KNR leads the future of
Korea's environment
with advanced technology.

A global leader leading
The development and distribution Of advanced environmental Analysis Systems

Since our incorporation in 2003, we have continued to provide solutions in
developing, producing, selling, and engineering pre-treatment equipment for
analyzing gases generated in various fields, including air, water quality,
weather, and agriculture.

Based on our technology accumulated for more than 20 years, we produce
and supply optimized products through design and design tailored to
the characteristics of customers working in various fields.
Everyone at KNR promise to continue to strive for the development and distribution
of advanced environmental analysis systems our future generations need.

We are always thankful for the support and advice you have given us over the years.
We will not sit idly and will continue to do our best to be the best supplier.

Thank you.

  • Atmosphere

  • Water quality

  • Agriculture

  • Weather

  • Gas