Gas/Atmosphere and Weather Analysis

KNR offers customized systems
suitable for atmospheric environment analysis.

APK 6100L-G

Liquid Standard Injector

The APK6100L-G is designed to vaporize a liquid standard before it is transferred onto a thermal desorption tube. Vaporizing the standard before injection into the TD system will help prevent contamination of the sample line. This technique also assures optimal standard transfer which will subsequently provide the best quantitative results possible. APK6100L-G has additional feature that precise injection into sampling bag via MFC


System Characteristic

  • Simple as direct GC injection

  • Injects the samples by vaporizing liquid standard material

  • Heats injection port and transfer line up to 250°C

  • Self-conditioning function in case of contamination

  • Accurate flow rate injection (MFC, with a totalizer feature)

  • Precise injection via MFC (APK6100L-G)