Gas/Atmosphere and Weather Analysis

KNR offers customized systems
suitable for atmospheric environment analysis.

APK 720R

Thermal Desorption System

The analytical technique of Thermal Desorption system is used to analyze VOC's in air or solid materials. The process works by heating a sorbent material that collected VOC's and then subsequently releases them when heated for analysis. It used for a variety of applications including air, toys, building materials, car cabins and food. This automated multi thermal desorption unit APK720R has high performance that can analyze very low ppb level of VOCs with up to 72 sorbent tubes. This can use analyze canister, sampling bag as well (Optional)


System Characteristic

  • Compatible with most Gas Chromatograph instruments
    (Agilent, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu and etc..)

  • Up to 72 channels. Automatic continuous analysis

  • Drying Purging Function (eliminating moisture)

  • Applications for BTEX, TO 14~16, PAMS and etc..

  • Feature to apply sorbet tube ¼” O.D x 3.5” L

  • Excellent performance and reasonable price

  • LCD monitoring screen