Gas/Atmosphere and Weather Analysis

KNR offers customized systems
suitable for atmospheric environment analysis.

APK 360R

Tube Conditioner (36ch)

The model APK360R is the important accessory for any thermal desorption instrument. It is recommended that sorbent tubes are cleaned before their initial use and after each subsequent sample run. This will make you sure that no residual contamination exist which will compros mise your work.
The APK360R Tube Conditioner works automatically with the simple push of a button. The built-in heaters quickly heat to the pre-programmed temperatures (up to 400℃) and the tubes are purged clean for a user-selected period of time. After the cleaning process is complete, the tubes are rapidly cooled by cooling fan for quick removal and you are ready to load your next batch of tubes.
The APK360R will help to collect the most accurate results with your analysis without residues from the previous run and will help extend the life of your sorbent tubes


System Characteristic

  • Oven type instrument which prevents surface scratches of sorbent tubes.

  • Conditioning up to 36 sorbent tubes at the same time

  • Minimize gas loss with automatic gas-flow-saver function

  • Use one-touch method that facilitate attach and detach the tubes.

  • At the start of conditioning, the tube holder automatically get into the oven.

  • When the conditioning ends, it automatically returns from the oven and cools down by fan.

  • 10 Steps of programmable conditioning by GUI interface

  • Automatic shut-down function when heating above a certain temperature

  • 1/4" O.D x 3.5" L Tube Applicable (Option: 6mm O.D x 17.8cm L)