Gas/Atmosphere and Weather Analysis

KNR offers customized systems
suitable for atmospheric environment analysis.

APK 1500

Automatic Distillator

APK1500 distillates target only from contaminated samples. APK1500 fits environmental
protocol of Korean government for food, beverage, agriculture and cosmetic analysis and preparation(Fluorine, Phenol, Cyan and etc).


System Characteristic

  • Memorable methods (up to 5 methods)

  • All progress is fully automated

  • Adjustable distillation amount (90mL~500mL)

  • Steam injection & generating by fast heating

  • Preventing overheat by automated valve control Accurate temperature by PID control

  • 7” touch screen with easy GUI Safety window for watching distillation

  • Dual channel available for multiple distillation

  • Transparent safety doors installed to protect operators and observe the distillation process

  • Excess steam exhaust valve automatic control to prevent steam generator overheating

  • Multiple experiments can be performed simultaneously through
    the double channel configuration of the device